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Security Matters

All our sheds are designed with security in mind.

Bike premium security

We’ve been making bike sheds for over ten years, during which time we’ve had very few successful break-ins. That’s because all of our sheds are designed with security in mind.

The doors, sides, back and roof are solid enough to deter all but the most determined attacks. And we fit all sheds with padlocks with internal shackles and with the hasps hidden behind a reinforced steel plate. Exposed hinges would be a point of weakness, so our hinges are internally mounted to make them inaccessible to an attacker.

As well as providing a high level of security as standard, we also provide additional security packs to give extra peace of mind.

Bike enhanced security 1

Enhanced Security

Our Enhanced Security pack gives you the necessary equipment to easily lock your bikes solidly to the ground.

We fix an anchor point into the ground and provide a chain which is long enough to attach to all of your bikes and a padlock to fasten it. All of them – the anchor, the chain and the padlock – are ‘Sold Secure’ Diamond rated and as such carry the highest security rating available.

The Enhanced Security pack costs £95 + VAT.

Bike premium security

Premium Security

The Premium Security pack gives you everything you get in the Enhanced Security pack plus lights and alarms to deter thieves from even trying to break-in. 

PIR motion sensors trigger the lights as someone approaches which is helpful when you approach to put your bikes away at night but inconvenient for thieves hoping to break break in undetected. 

The alarm is triggered by motion inside the shed making it impossible for anyone to steal your bike and make a quiet getaway.

The Premium Security pack costs £270 + VAT.

Bike ultimate security

Ultimate Security

Our Ultimate Security pack gives you everything you find in our other security packages and adds extra fortification. Internal steel mesh is fitted securely to the doors and all other panels. Extra roof locks give a further layer of protection.

Short of putting a security guard outside your shed, we can’t think of anything we can do to better protect your bikes.

On our most popular sheds, the Ultimate Security pack costs £975*.

*If you’re getting something bespoke or one of our larger sheds, we’ll price for the steel mesh on a case-by-case basis


To repeat, in ten years of trading we’ve seen very few successful attacks on our bike sheds. But there’s no such thing as 100% security so it’s worth remembering that in the very unlikely and unhappy event that your bikes are stolen, bikes stored in a Bike Shed Company shed are covered by most home insurance policies.

In addition we have a partnership with specialist bike insurers Bikmo. They’re sufficiently confident in the security that we provide that if you buy one of our sheds, they’ll give you a 5% discount on the cost of a year’s cover. PLUS they offer 14 days FREE insurance on any new bike you buy. No strings attached!