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Behind the bike sheds

Case studies, news and info from The Bike Shed Company!

  • Pedalbase 5

    Tue, 4th July 2023

    Worth Every Penny

    Our Sheds Cost More. For a Reason! Occasionally customers ask us a question that we wish we were…

  • Bike premium security

    Mon, 8th May 2023

    Security Matters

    We’ve been making bike sheds for over ten years, during which time we’ve had very few successful…

  • Inside a V Shed

    Thu, 14th March 2024

    Built to Last - Better Doors and Panels

    Our approach makes our sheds stronger and more durable

  • Backhouse Brick Enclosed Bike and Bin Stores

    Fri, 12th January 2024

    Bike and Bin Stores for Backhouse Housing Development

    In a recent project Backhouse Housing commissioned us to provide storage to a development of 41 new…

  • Repainted Spokeshed 3 Closed

    Thu, 6th June 2024

    Our Sheds Stand the Test of Time!

  • PXL 20210804 133206703

    Mon, 13th November 2023

    The Biggest Bike Shed

    We were asked to build a shed which would accommodate a large number of bicycles and tricycles in…

  • Website lid photo 2

    Mon, 13th November 2023

    Better Lids - Top Down Design

    At The Bike Shed Company, we focus on security, durability, good looks and usability. Those…

  • Download

    Thu, 27th June 2024

    Five Star Achievement

  • Perimeter 1 1

    Tue, 15th August 2023

    Victoria Drive, Wandsworth

    Some of the projects we’re most proud of are those we’ve delivered for housing developers and…

  • Bikmo policy benefits UK and IE 2048x1229

    Fri, 10th March 2023

    Bikmo Insurance Link Up!

    Our bike sheds are as secure as we can we make them but even the strongest locks can be broken so…

  • PXL 20240614 083456564 1

    Fri, 14th June 2024

    Better Bigger Bin Stores

    Communal bin stores keep shared spaces neat and tidy