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Built to Last - Better Doors and Panels

Our approach makes our sheds stronger and more durable

Inside a V Shed

Better Timber - Better Built

For most people a shed is… just a shed! Since we started, we’ve taken a different view: our bike sheds are designed and crafted with care to make sure they’re beautiful, secure, easy to use… and built to last. For this reason they cost a bit more but offer far better value.

The starting point is the timber. We build using high-quality, sustainably harvested Douglas Fir. It's beautiful with rich red and amber tones. It’s also durable, resistant to decay and ideal for building long-lasting outdoor structures.

Beautiful timber
Better timber makes better sheds

We buy from East Brothers, a family-owned sawmill and timber merchant. They pick out premium grade material for us. The cleanest of it with the brightest colours gets used for the panels, the rest for structural and framing sections.

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We start with boards which are cut with a particularly deep section tongue and groove. This profile allows more space for some natural movement in the timber and prevents water getting through.

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Each panel and door is framed with heavy-duty 50x50mm profiles. These have chamfered edges to give a cleaner looking finish and have a channel to take the panel, enhancing both the strength and look of the finished product.

To finish the construction, each panel is further reinforced with additional bracing on the back. 

This comprehensive approach to assembly and finishing guarantees that our sheds are not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely functional and durable, providing superior protection against the elements and a longer lifespan compared to standard sheds on the market. We take pride in our thorough and careful construction process, confident in the unparalleled quality and performance of our sheds.

“Quality, well built product.” Martin