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Bikmo Insurance Link Up!

Bikmo policy benefits UK and IE 2048x1229

Our bike sheds are as secure as we can we make them but even the strongest locks can be broken so we’re always thinking about what more we can do to help our customers protect their bikes. For that reason we’ve teamed up with specialist bike insurer Bikmo.

Bikmo’s values and commitment to customer service match our own and their policies are comprehensive, designed with cyclists in mind and are well priced. All of which makes them a great partner.

Our partnership means our customers get a number of key benefits.

Firstly, you get 5% off the first year costs of a policy. If we haven’t given you the link already, just ask and we’ll share it with you so that you can claim your discount.

In addition, if you’ve just bought or are planning to buy new bikes, you can get 14 days insurance entirely free with no card details or cancellation required. Again, just ask for the link.

A further benefit of a Bikmo policy is that your bikes and accessories are covered when you’re out and about, not just when the bikes are safely stored in one of our sheds. That gives our customers extra protection, wherever you go.

We’re not allowed to advise on insurance or to actively sell insurance products, but we can and do urge you to check them out.