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Dream big or small, we'll build your perfect shed

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Transform your space with our bespoke design service. Since 2012, we have specialised in creating custom storage sheds tailored to our customers unique needs and desires. Whether you have an awkward space, something difficult to store, or a particular idea in mind, our team will work with you to design a stand alone shed that fits your specific requirements and delivers the solution you need. Let us turn a vision into reality and make your space work for you.

Case Study

Surfboard Storage

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Design Brief:

Storage for two adult bikes, a scooter, pram and two adult surfboards.

Small London front garden with steps down from street level to a main tiles area and narrow basement level. The basement level can be utilised but needs to remain accessible.

Design Solution:

A tall front hedge allowed for a vertical shed option with the bikes on hangers and the scooter and pram (folded) tucked in a corner. The longer surfboards are stored vertically on the right side of the shed , extending down through an open section of floor to the basement level. The shed is supported on the right side by a solid open frame to allow occasional access below.

The shed is secured by two keyed alike deadbolt locks with an internal anchor point for chaining the bikes within.

(Colour – Zinc Grey)

  • Do I need a concrete base for the shed?

    A solid level base is required to ensure your shed works as intended, and prevent misalignment over time. A concrete slab is ideal, however units can also be built upon paving, tiles or decking. Gravel and soil are unfortunately not suitable bases.

    All sheds are supplied with adjustable metal feet to ensure the unit is made level during assembly. If your space is particularly uneven or has a steep slope, please let us know.

  • Does the shed come with a guarantee?

    All our sheds come with a 5-year guarantee covering faults relating to manufacture. For a copy of our guarantee please email the office at In the event of a malfunction occurring, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to resolve any issues as quickly and as conveniently as possible.

  • What is the usual lead time?

    All of our sheds are hand built to order. Delivery is normally within 10 weeks from the date of ordering. Please do contact us for current lead times, which may be longer during particularly busy periods.

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