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Convenient storage on a smaller footprint

BSC V Shed Natural 7
BSC V Shed Natural 6
BSC V Shed Natural 1

Where height is not an issue, storing your bikes vertically is an elegant and convenient way of keeping them safe, secure and easily accessible. Hung side by side, each bike can be taken out without moving the others.

Prices from: £2,340



  • Blackdown

  • Field green

  • Bishop blue

  • Cavepool grey

  • Mercury grey

  • Zinc grey

  • Wispy willow

  • Natural with UV Clear protection

  • RAL

  • Farrow & Ball

  • Blackdown: £0

    BSC V Shed 4 Blackdown
  • Field green: £0

    BSC V Shed 1 Field Green
  • Bishop blue: £0

    BSC V Shed 2 Bishop Blue
  • Cavepool grey: £0

    BSC V Shed 7 Cavepool Grey
  • Mercury grey: £0

    BSC V Shed 6 Mercury Grey
  • Zinc grey: £0

    BSC V Shed 5 Zinc Grey
  • Wispy willow: £0

    BSC V Shed 3 Wispy Willow
  • Natural with UV Clear protection: £200

    We hand pick the best looking wood, then protect it so those good looks last.

    BSC V Shed Natural 1 e1674660627537
  • RAL: £330

    You can give us the RAL now or we'll confirm it with you before we put your shed into production

  • Farrow & Ball: £510

    If your house or gate are finished with top quality paint, let's do the same for your shed.

BSC V Shed Natural 10

To hang the bikes we offer Steadyrack Bike Racks which require no awkward lifting – simply tip the bike upright and roll it on.

The hanger also pivots side to side allowing bikes to be moved to create more space for access. When not in use the hanger can be folded out of the way against the back wall. Steadyracks can accommodate standard tyres, wheels with mudguards and fat tyres.

For security we provide double keyed-alike deadbolt locks on all door options. Within the shed a steel anchor bar is standard so that each bike can be chained inside, for extra peace of mind.

The roof slopes front to back providing the maximum height at the front for access. However, we can reverse the pitch if preferred (e.g. if the shed is to be situated against an existing building). Also a green roof structure can be added.

We offer 3, 4, 5 or 6 bike options as standard.

  • Do you only supply Steadyrack bike hangers?

    No, there are other options we can offer, both cheaper and a lot more expensive! But in our view the Steadyrack tends to be a good choice.

  • Do you offer a V-Shed for one bike only?

    Yes, we can do a vertical shed for only one bike. When enquiring, simply mention the number of bikes you plan to store and we will work around that to create your perfect design.

  • Are Sliding Doors an option?

    Sliding Doors are a great option on the larger V-Sheds (6 or more bikes). Due to the overlap of the doors additional depth and width is required. For example a 6 bike V-Shed will need to increase in width by 350mm (to  2900mm) and depth by 60mm (to 1300mm).

V Shed planviews 4

V-Shed 3

3 Adult bikes
W x D x H
1500 x 1300 x 2200 mm
Standard or Bi-fold Doors

V Shed planviews 3

V-Shed 4

4 Adult bikes
W x D x H
1850 x 1300 x 2200 mm
Standard or Bi-fold Doors

V Shed planviews 2

V-Shed 5

5 Adult bikes
W x D x H
2200 x 1300 x 2200 mm
Standard or Bi-fold Doors

V Shed planviews 1

V-Shed 6

6 Adult bikes
Footprint W x D x H

2550 x 1300 x 2200 mm
Bi-fold Doors

V Shed planviews 5


All models
Side elevation
Sloped roof from front to back

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