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Made to measure for your bay window

BSC Bay Shed Natural 5
BSC Bay Shed Natural 4
BSC Bay Shed Natural 1

Where space is tight, having a bike shed that fits in and around a bay window enables otherwise ‘dead space’ to be utilized. With our Bike Bay designs, we strive to keep a low profile so the view out of the window is not obscured, and blend the shed with the angles of the house. It not only maximises space but makes the shed look like it’s supposed to be there (unlike a standard rectangular box placed within the bay that looks a bit like ‘a square peg in a round hole’).

Prices from: £2,100
BSC Bay Shed Natural 8

Even with an angled design, we still incorporate a hinged lid for security and ease of access, as well as provide the same level of protection as our other models.

Also, we can design the BikeBay with access hatches or doors, allowing corner drains to be cleared, gas meters to be read or cable boxes to be reached.

Bay guide example 1

Every Bay Window is different, so we will need some simple measurements to ensure a perfect fit. The guide bay (shown opposite) is a simplistic example. It is very helpful to include photographs and note any obstacles that might need to be considered. Download our Bay Window Guide.

  • Can you do a site visit to measure up my space?

    Initially we like to see photographs and basic measurements of the space, plus details of what you are looking to store. This way our we can provide some design options and costings. If you decide to go ahead, we can then do a site visit to check everything is going to work before a final design is agreed and goes into production.

  • How will I access my gas meter box after the shed is installed?

    If you want to install the shed near a device or box that will still need to be accessed after the installation, you can ask for an access panel to be added into the shed’s wall.

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