Roll-in Shed

Roll in - Roll out

Rack Shed wooden bike sheds
Rack Shed wooden bike shed

Roll-in Shed

Roll in - Roll out

Designed for large front or back gardens, where space isn’t too much of an issue, the Roll-in Shed benefits from a low, deep profile. Available for 3 to 6 adult bikes stored horizontally, next to each other, the Roll-in is perfect for a busy cycling household.


prices from £2,700 + Installation

The Roll-in comes with a wheel rack keeping the bikes upright and in their own place. Each bike can be reached without moving others. As with all of our bike sheds, we offer a number of additional security measures to fully protect your bikes within.

Can a green roof structure be added to the Roll-in Shed?

We recommend a green roof on the fixed back part of the lid so that the front part can lift up to allow easy access whilst maintaining the low profile (a green roof on the hinged lid would be too heavy even with gas strut assistance). If a full green roof is desired then we can redesign the unit with a taller fixed lid to take the structure and provide a taller access opening.

Do I need to be strong to open the lid of the shed?

All of our sheds come with gas struts as standard to assist in the opening and closing of the lid. Please note the gas struts are not soft close, and do require the user to support the lid gently when opening and closing. However, this does not require much strength.

Can I install the shed myself?

We can provide full instructions for self assembly. Installation requires a reasonable understanding and experience of building similar structures.  We recommend that two people assemble the shed, as the components are heavy.

For bespoke projects we offer installation only, due their nature.

Roll-in 3

3 Adult Bikes

Footprint W x D x H

1500 x 2000 x 1400

Double Doors

Roll-in 4

4 Adult Bikes

Footprint W x D x H

1800 x 2000 x 1400

Double or Bifold Doors

Roll-in 5

5 Adult Bikes

Footprint W x D x H

2100 x 2000 x 1400

Double or Bifold Doors

Roll-in 6

6 Adult Bikes

Footprint W x D x H

2400 x 2000 x 1400

Bifold Doors

Roll-in Shed

All Models

Side Elevation

Hinged Lid